Photo Jul 17, 5 28 59 PMHere at Hardin Fast Warrior Training I offer a complete training model that will undoubtedly maximize your potential as an athlete. The days of having a 9-5 and competing as a professional are pretty much over and the CrossFit world is being taken over by the seriously committed athlete. There are plenty of programs out there that offer high volume training but all of them focus on the physical side of the journey. This is the first website of its kind to offer a more holistic approach that teaches you HOW to handle a high volume regimen and even teaches you how to handle MORE. The human body is a highly sophisticated machine that is more than just a physical being. Overall fitness consists of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and what I call Lion Heart. The specialists, just like in CrossFit, will eventually die out and the podiums will be dominated by the well rounded warrior.

The daily workouts focus on Strength/Olympic lifting, high level skills, volume and conditioning. Also included are breathing Photo Jul 17, 3 01 30 PMexercises, meditations, concentration skills, nutrition, bio-mechanics lessons, mobility/PT, spiritual guidance, emotional balance, and development of that indomitable will to never give up or Lion Heart. The best athletes in the world put in a very high training volume every day but what they don’t talk about is how they got there and what they do outside of the gym that allows them to train so hard. Before you start planning out your day to train with us I need to ask you one question: Are you committed?